Download the Printer Setting Tool from this website. You may need your IT administrator’s permission to install this software. Once this is installed, connect your Brother QL-820 Printer to the computer with the cream USB cable provided with your printer and turn the printer ON.

1. Open the Printer Setting Tool, this should automatically detect the model of your printer. (if not, close the software, give it 10 seconds, then reopen the software).

2. Click on Communication Settings and select the General tab and then Communication Settings on the left.

3. Make sure your screen has the same selections as below;

4. Click on Communication Settings and select the Wireless LAN tab and then Wireless Settings on the menu on the left.

5. Your SSID is the name of the iPad - this can be found by going to Settings from the home screen > General > About > Name

6. Select WPA/WPA2 for the authentication method.

7. Your Passphrase is a bunch of letters and numbers found under Personal Hotspot> WiFi Password

8. Apply these settings, this should tell you that the printer has been successfully updated and your WiFi symbol on the screen should be solid.

9. Open the SinePoint Pro App and go to Settings > Printing

10. If there is a printer already connected, print a test label. You're done!

11. If there is a printer, but it is not connected, remove it from the iPad.

12. Once you have removed the disconnected printer or if there is no printer showing, select Add via IP.

13. Select your printer type from the drop-down list (Brother QL-820NWB)

14. Type in the IP Address and select Add.

15. Print a test label and you are done!

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