Requirements: Sine Point Pro App for iPad 1.19.0 or above, Brother QL-820NWB

Looking to purchase a compatible printer, visit the Sine Online Store.

The Sine Point Pro App for iPad now includes support for Brother Bluetooth printers, in addition to the existing WiFi and AirPrint connections.

If your printer has been pre-configured by Sine, indicated by a label affixed to your printer packaging. Please skip to Step 2: Checking.

NB. If a site has a printer connected and upgrades to this version of Sine Point Pro, the existing printer will remain connected via WiFi. Sites can optionally disconnect the printer and reconnect over Bluetooth if they prefer. Having Bluetooth and WiFi enabled at the same time will not cause any issues.

If your printer is not new out of box, it's best to first clear all settings by running a factory reset. To do this press: Menu and select: Administration > Reset > Factory Reset > Reset, then continue with Part 1.

Part 1: Brand New Printer

  • Set your language, time and date using the arrow and ok buttons
  • Turn on Bluetooth by pressing: Menu and selecting: Bluetooth > Bluetooth ON/OFF > ON
  • Turn on auto reconnection by pressing: Menu and selecting: Bluetooth > Automatic Reconnection > ON
  • Turn off template mode by pressing: Menu > Template Settings > Template Mode > OFF

Part 2: Checking Bluetooth Setting on the iPad:

  • Ensure Bluetooth is enabled in iPad System Preferences
    On the iPad open Settings and select: Bluetooth > ON
    If you see an Allow New Connections button, tap on this to enable new connections

Part 3 : Adding the printer to the iPad

  1. On the iPad, open Settings and select: Bluetooth
  2. Browse the list of discovered devices, please note that multiple printers may show up in this list.
  3. Choose your printer. (e.g. If your printer's serial number ends in 3456, your device name is QL-820NWB3456 - find the serial number underneath the label roll. (eg. A12345E1Z123456)

Part 4: Adding the printer to SinePoint Pro App

  1. Navigate to SinePoint Pro App
  2. If you haven't logged in yet, do so now.
    Or, tap cog in the bottom right-hand corner and enter your password.
  3. Allow SinePoint Pro to use bluetooth on your device.
  4. Tap cog in the bottom right-hand corner and enter your password again.
  5. Tap Printing settings
  6. Tap Bluetooth
  7. Tap the already paired printer
  8. Print a test badge
  9. Tap done to return to check-in screen

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