Instant QR is a contactless check-in method that is perfect for organisations that handle unexpected visitors or walk-ins that are not practical to organise ahead of time with a Fast Track QR Code.

With Instant QR, visitors generate their own, secure QR code that can then be used both to check in and out through the contactless QR reader on your Sine check-in kiosk.

For sites where Instant QR is required in addition to other check-in methods, it may be best to set up a second, 'Instant QR' site that can handle these check-ins and have features such as host selection and check-in forms disabled.

To enable a seamless check-in with Instant QR, your site must have the following settings disabled either across the site, or for the Instant QR visitor type (where possible):

  • Site Settings > General > Host Selection Required > Disabled for default visitor type

  • Site Settings > General > Check-in Approval Required > Disabled for default visitor type

  • Site Settings > iPad > Light Theme is Not Supported

  • Site Settings > iPad > Returning is Not Supported

  • Site Settings > iPad > Multi-language not supported on Instant QR messages currently

  • Site Settings > iPad > ID Scanning is skipped completely

  • Site Settings > Passes > Email required prevents check-in

  • Site Settings > Passes > Invitation required prevents check-in

  • Site Settings > Forms > Check-in forms prevents check-in

  • Site Settings > Forms > Check-out forms prevents check-out

  • Integrations that require forms or user interaction must be disabled

How to enable Instant QR for your site

To enable Instant QR, please contact Sine directly. You can do this using the chat bubble down below!

Create an Instant QR visitor type

The Instant QR feature will be set up with a default visitor type assigned to Instant QR check-ins. To prepare your site for the feature to be enabled, create a visitor type labelled Visitor โ€“ Instant QR and ensure that there are no forms or host selection requirements applied to that visitor type.

Enable contactless photo capture

If your site requires, you can enable a photo to be captured contactlessly, during the check-in process.

To enable this, go to your site settings via, then navigate to Settings > Passes. Here you can turn on Photo ID Required.

Export contact tracing records

To export contact tracing logs, navigate to the Reports section of

Then, from the Export tab, select the dates you would like to export records for and then click Export Data.

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