Step 1: Connecting the Brother Printer to a Wireless Network

This article will guide you through the steps to connect your Brother Printer to your wireless network. 

First and foremost: Your corporate network needs its firewall configured correctly for Sine. Contact your network administrator to make sure this is set correctly. This step is vital for the functionality of Sine and Brother Printer function!

Secondly: If you have and are using a cellular-based iPad with Hot-Spot functionality, follow these instructions instead.

Installation Steps:

  1. Using a computer, go to the Brother Printer Support & Downloads page and search for your Brother Printer model number. Alternatively, click on one of the printer models listed below:

2. Choose your Computer Operating System from the list provided. If you are unsure, please contact your network administrator. Click the Search button once you have selected your Operating System.

3. From the list of downloads, under the Drivers section, select Printer Driver.

4. Read the notes and EULA for the Printer Driver Setup. If you agree to the notes, click on the Agree to EULA and Download button.

5. The printer driver will download and once it has completed, open the file. For QL-810W or QL-820NWB users, please skip to Step 9. For QL-720NW users, please continue to Step 6.
6. For QL-720NW users, click the Unzip button. The installer will extract the folder to the location specified. Once the “Files extracted successfully” prompt appears, clicks OK

7. Open the folder containing the extracted files (most likely your Downloads folder). Open the folder with the same name as the text in the title bar of the WinZip window.

The above is the title bar text and the below is the folder name

8. Open this folder and run the D_SETUP.exe file.

9. Click Next to continue with the InstallShield Wizard. Note: Depending on which printer you are using, it may be necessary to select your printer model. Please ensure you select the correct model number.

10.  Choose Wireless Network Connection and click Next.

11. Make sure Brother Peer-to-Peer Network Printer is selected. Click Next to continue.

12. If Anti-virus/Firewall is detected, make sure Change the Firewall port settings option is selected. Click Next to continue.

13. You will need to locate the USB cable which came with your Brother printer to proceed – contact your IT administrator if you don’t have one. Select Yes, I have a USB cable when you have it ready. Click Next to continue.

14. If you are using your wireless network, make sure your PC is connected the same network and you know the name (SSID) and password. Contact your network administrator if you don’t know these.
If you are using a Sine router, make sure it is switched on and the WiFi light is solid green. Please contact [email protected] or use the chat bubble in the bottom-right if you are experiencing issues with the Sine router. 

15. Make sure your Brother printer is switched on, and connect it to your PC using the USB cable.

16. Setup will proceed immediately to the next screen, where it will search for wireless networks which are in range of the Brother Printer.

17. Once it has finished searching, tick the Checked and confirmed box and then click Next to continue.

18. The Setup Wizard will attempt to detect the network settings your PC is configured with. If your PC is connected wirelessly and the correct SSID is displayed, select Yes and skip to Step 21. Otherwise, if the SSID displayed is incorrect, select No and proceed to Step 19.

19. After clicking No, the list of available wireless networks nearby will be displayed. Please select the correct network from the list. Note: If your network is not displayed please contact your network administrator to troubleshoot.

20. Enter the Network Password in the Network Key field and click Next.

Note: If you do not know the password of your wireless network, contact your network administrator. If using a router provided by Sine, please contact [email protected] or use the chat bubble in the bottom-right.

21. Click Next to continue if the network settings are correct. 

22. Wait for the Submitting Settings screen to disappear. 

23. Disconnect the USB cable from the printer and your PC.

24. Click Cancel – the Brother printer is now connected to the correct network for iPad integration

25. You will get an exit warning message – click Yes to continue.

The Brother Printer will now be connected to your wireless network. 

Step 2: Connecting the Brother Badge Printer to the SinePoint Pro app

The SinePoint Pro app for the iPad can be set to automatically print labels once a guest completes their check-in. This article outlines the steps to connect your printer to the iPad.

Note: If your printer and iPad are not connected to the same network, please follow the Connecting your Brother Printer to a Wireless Network guide. Alternatively, if you are using a Cellular-based iPad with Hot-Spot enabled, please ensure you have connected your printer to the iPad Hot-Spot network (follow the Connecting the Brother Printer to a Cellular-based iPad Hot-Spot guide if you are unsure)

Connecting via Nearby Printer List

  1. Press the Cog button in the bottom-right corner of the iPad and enter your password that you use to log into the the web dashboard.

2. Touch Printing from the side-bar

3. If the Brother Printer is connected to the same wireless network as the iPad, it will display in the Nearby Printers list.

4. Touch your desired printer to connect to it.

5. Once connected, touch the Done button to return to main screen of the SinePoint Pro app.

Connecting via IP

  1. Press the Cog button in the bottom-right corner of the iPad and enter your password that you use to log into the web dashboard.

2. Touch Printing from the side-bar.

3. Touch the Add via IP button.

4. The Add Printer Modal will appear.

5. Touch the first field and select the correct printer model from the list.

6. Touch the IP Address field and enter the IP Address of the printer.

To find the IP Address, please follow the What’s my Brother Printer’s IP Address guide.

7. Touch the Add button.

8. Your Brother Printer will now be connected to your iPad.

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