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We've rebranded! Visit sine.co/rebrand-faqs for more information

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Getting started with Sine

Just started your free trial or setting up Sine for the first time? This is the place for you! If you have any questions, we're always here to help.

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Managing your team

Collaborate with team members across your organisation. An introduction to permissions and managing your Sine team — from Admins to Approvers and Viewers.

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Close the vendor compliance loop - help guides and FAQs

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Hosts are the users on your account that your visitors arrive to see. Once set up as a Host, they can Invite visitors to your Site and be notified.

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Invites, Passes & Check-Ins

Pre-register visitors and contractors for Fast Track access.

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Take the hassle out of chasing qualifications and keep your workforce compliance up to date. Here you'll learn everything you need to know to master Sine Workflows!

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SinePoint Pro for iPad

Available from the Apple App Store. Here you'll learn how to manage your iPad running the SinePoint Pro app.

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Sine Pro for Mobile

Check-in to a Site using your mobile or receive a Host notification.

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How to connect your Brother Label Printer

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Reporting and Messaging

Run and set auto-reports over your account. Send messages to an individual visitor or a group.

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Integrations and Plugins

See how to set-up and use some popular integrations

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Customising your Sine Admin account

More detailed customisation and set-up for Admins.

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Security and Privacy

View Sine's security and privacy policies.

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Billing and Plans

All you need to know about our plans, SMS and data usage for 4G customers.

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Common Troubleshooting Solutions

View some common trouble shooting articles and find a fix.

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