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Reloading labels in your Brother Label Printer
Reloading labels in your Brother Label Printer
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After continued use of the Brother Label Printer, the time will come when the label paper will run out and need to be replaced. Purchase new rolls of label paper from the Sine Pro web store. The paper used in the Brother Label Printer has the model number DK-22205 (DK-2205 for US customers). Please make sure you purchase this paper, as no other paper type will be accepted when you wish to print labels through SinePoint Pro or the web dashboard.

To replace the paper roll:

  1. Open the printer’s front cover at the latch on the top.

  2. Lift the empty roll directly upwards to remove it from the printer.

  3. Unpack the new roll and remove the holding tape.

  4. Insert the new roll as per the diagrams on the printer – directly downwards, with the paper coming over the top of the roll.

  5. Feed the new paper through the printer, and press the Feed button.

  6. Once the printer feeds the label paper out, press the Cut button.

Your printer is now ready to print labels for your guests.

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