In some cases your Brother printer may lose connectivity to your Sine iPad due to network or power interruptions. Use the below guide to assist with re-connecting your printer.

For Cellular iPads with the printer connected via Hotspot

  1. Turn the printer OFF by pressing the power button on your printer

  2. On your iPad, quit the Sine App and Tap on Settings

3. Disable the Mobile Data and Personal Hotspot.

4. Turn the Printer ON then re-enable both the Mobile Data and Personal Hotspot on the iPad. 

5. On your iPad, stay on the Personal hotspot screen and the iPad will begin accepting connections to the Hotspot. Please wait 60 seconds whilst your Printer establishes a connection to the iPad’s Hotspot. If successful, the iPad will show a blue bar that reads 'Personal Hotspot: 1 Connection' as above, and the Wi-Fi light on the printer will be illuminated solid green.

NOTE: If you are not on this screen, your devices won’t connect to the Personal Hotspot

For WiFi only iPads with the printer connected via WiFi

  1. As a first step, power cycle the printer by pressing the power button to switch it off, wait ten seconds, and then power back on. Wait 30 seconds and then attempt to print again.

If you are still unable to connect or print after following the above steps, please contact our support via the live chat bubble in the bottom right of this screen, email us at [email protected] or call us via your local number. We'll be happy to help. 

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