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Sine System WiFi Network Requirements

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For the Sine system to work correctly, both the iPad and Brother Label Printer need to be on the same network and be able to communicate with each other, whether that be on a personal hotspot from the iPad or a WiFi network. Here are a few important notes on connectivity using WiFi networks.

Guest Networks

‘Guest’ networks provided by corporations for the use of visitors to their site will always segregate devices from each other for security reasons. This is to stop a malicious attack on other devices from a device sharing the open network with them. The Sine system will not work if either device is connected to a guest network.

School Networks

An increasing number of schools are using a network setup that blocks push notifications from outside the network. An easy way to test this is to connect your phone to the network and check if apps which normally send push notifications – such as Facebook notification alerts – still send those alerts to your phone. The Sine Check In page on the iPad is updated and configured through your Sine Dashboard, when you hit Save, a push notification from the Sine cloud is sent to the iPad to apply the changes. If you are on a network which does not allow push notifications, your iPad will not reflect those changes. Additionally, if your device is enrolled in Sine’s Device Management Program, we will be unable to push updates and other technical support commands to your device while it is on such a network.

WPA/WPA2 Enterprise

The Brother QL-820NWB label printer (and previous models QL-810W and QL-720NW) do not support authentication on WPA/WPA2 Enterprise networks. If your organisation runs this type of network, we strongly suggest using the 4G Hotspot connection.

Networks requiring Certificates

Both the iPad and Brother QL-820NWB printer support authentication using certificates, you can find more information on how to connect your iPad and your QL-820NWB using certificates by following the links.

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