Host Set-Up

Hosts are users that guests can check-in to see. Hosts will be notified when a guest checks-in to see them.

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Adding Hosts

  1. Select Hosts from the side-menu

2. Scroll down the page and select your desired Site

3. If there are no Groups or you would like to add a new Group, click Add a group under the Site you wish to add Hosts for. Otherwise, skip to Step 5.

4. Give your group a name and click Create.

5. After creating your Host Groups, click the group name to expand the group and then click Add a host.

6. Enter the Host’s name, email, and mobile number. Click Save.

7. Any Hosts you add to that group will appear in a table underneath the group name.

8. Here you can edit Hosts by clicking on the Pencil button, delete them by clicking on the Cross button or message them directly by clicking on the Megaphone button.

Host Group Table

The Host Group Table shows details about each Host in the Host Group. It shows each Host’s name, email address, mobile number if included, and their account status. There are also buttons on the right-hand side to interact with each Host entry.

For each Host on the list, their account status is displayed. There are three types of account status:

  1. Invited: The host has been invited to join your team as a Host, but hasn’t accepted the invite. This is signified by a red profile icon next to their name.

2. Pending Verification: This occurs when the Host has created an account with Sine but hasn’t verified their account. This is signified by a yellow profile iconnext to their name

3. Active: The Host has created an account and verified it. This is signified by a green profile icon next to their name.

Importing a Host CSV

Importing Hosts via CSV allows for easier input of large numbers of Hosts. Simply export a CSV from your database in the set format and import it to Sine to add the Hosts. For automatic Host CSV uploading, see Directory syncing via cURL method.
Note: You need at least Team Administrator permissions to export/import the Hosts CSV

  1. Select Hosts from the side-menu.

2. Click Import Host CSV from the nav-bar (at the top of the Dashboard).

3. The Upload Host CSV modal will appear.

 Drag and drop your file or click the field and manually select the CSV you would like to open.

  • The CSV must have the following fields as column headers (in the same order):Email, First Name, Last Name, Group Name, Site Name, Mobile

  • The mobile number must be in E.164 format (e.g. 61437183870).

4. (Optional) Replace all Hosts with CSV: This option deletes any existing Hosts that are NOT on the CSV, but does not duplicate any Hosts that are on the CSV.

5. (Optional) Send welcome emails to new hosts: This option sends invited Hosts a welcome email.

6. Click Confirm

Please note:

By default, accounts are limited to 5000 hosts per team. Hosts are unlimited on all Sine plans (subject to appropriate use) and so this can be increased on request — please chat with our support team.

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