Hide Host Directory mode is used for when you don’t wish guests to know who your Hosts are by simply accessing the SinePoint App on a reception iPad, or on Sine Pro for Mobile. Instead of listing your Hosts on check-in, guests must search for the Host’s name before the list of Hosts will appear. They can only see your Hosts if they know exactly who they are there to see.

When Hide Host Directory mode is Off, this is an example of what guests will see when they check-in (using Sine Pro Mobile App):

On SinePoint Pro for iPad:

When Hide Host Directory mode is On, this is what guests will see instead:

On SinePro Mobile App:

On SinePoint Pro:

As such, guests must search for the host’s name to select them from the list.

The refined Host List will appear after typing in three characters:

On SinePoint Pro:

Enabling Hide Host Directory Mode

To enable Hide Host Directory mode:

  1. Select Sites from the sidebar.

    2. Select the Site at which you wish to enable Hide Host Directory mode.

    3. In the General tab, scroll down to Hide Host Directory and switch it to On.

    4. Select Save Changes.

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