Sites are locations where you use Sine. Guests check into Sites. Hosts reside at Sites and the SinePoint iPads are connected to a single Site. Each business may have a number of Sites which they use Sine at.

Creating a Site

1. Click on Sites in the web dashboard.

2. Click Add a Site (at the top of the screen).

3. Add a Site Name and address. Make sure you’re the official representative of the Site you create. Note the Site address should be the physical location where you intend to use Sine.

4. Make sure to save changes by clicking on the Save button.

Your site will now be active.

Hosts Segment

The Hosts card lets you configure Hosts and how they interact with guests who check in.

  • Enable Hosts: Lets guests select which host they are checking in to see.

  • Host Selection Required: Lets certain visitor types check-in to sites without a Host or forces other types to choose Host to see

  • Check-in Approvals: Lets Hosts accept or reject guests who check-in to see them.

  • Check-in Approval Required: Lets certain visitor types check-in straight away and forces other types to wait for their pass to be accepted or rejected

  • Hide Host Directory: Guests are required to search for their hosts by name rather than choosing from a list of all hosts. Useful for privacy and security.

Make sure you click Save and your changes will be uploaded to all your SinePoint Pro devices.

Branding Segment

The Branding card allows you to configure what logos appear in different locations of the software. For instance, the logo displayed on the iPad or Mobile App

Other Options

There are other tabs that allow you to customize Sine, available by selecting them from the side-menu


The iPad tab allows you to access settings which change the behaviour of your SinePoint Pro iPad. See Configuring SinePoint Pro from Site Settings for more information.


The Passes tab lets you configure settings regarding how your visitors are able to check into your Site. See Pass Settings for more information.

Check-in and check-out forms

The Check-in and Check-out forms tabs are for if you wish to ask visitors or guests questions before they are able to check-in. See Introduction to Forms for more details.


The Notifications tab lets you configure things like emails for visitors on check-in and check-out, SMS notifications for Hosts when visitors check-in to see them and more. See Notifications Settings for more information.


The Printing tab allows you to setup and customize certain aspects of the badge printing process. This includes things like automatic printing when a visitor checks in and printing by visitor type.

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