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Accepting and Rejecting Visitors as a Host
Accepting and Rejecting Visitors as a Host

Sine Pro allows you to accept or reject visitors before they become checked-in.

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Sine Pro allows you to accept or reject guests before they become checked-in. Each host can accept or reject their guests, or an allocated Site/Team Administrator can do so from the web dashboard for all hosts. Approvals can be controlled on a per-site basis.

Enabling Guest Check-in Approvals

To enable guest Check-in Approvals:

  1. From the web dashboard, click Sites from the side-menu.

2. Select the site for which you would like to enable Check-in Approvals.

3. Ensure you have selected the General tab from the sidebar.

4. Navigate to the Hosts subsection by scrolling down the page.

5. Turn Enable Hosts to On, then turn on Check-in Approvals. Note: guests will now need to select the host they are here to see.

6. If you wish the guest to be sent an SMS when they are accepted, navigate to the Notifications tab and enable Visitor SMS Notification on Host Acceptance.

Guests, as they check-in, will see a message indicating that they need to be approved, and will now be pending until a Host or Team Administrator accepts/rejects their check-in request.

Note: Delegates will not receive guest check-in notifications when Check-in Approvals are enabled

Accepting and Rejecting Requests

There are two ways to accept or reject a guest:

Using the web dashboard or using the Sine Pro mobile app.

Note: Delegates cannot accept or reject guests on behalf of the actual host

Using the web dashboard:

  1. On the Activity screen, guests which require approval will appear as Pending.

2. Selecting this pass will allow you to accept or reject their check-in request:

3. Select Accept or Reject as necessary. Guests will appear in the Activity feed as they are approved and their visitor badge will be printed.

Using email notifications:

When a guest requests to check in, you will receive a notification email. To accept or reject this check-in request, simply click the desired option within the email.

Using Sine Pro Mobile App:

When a guest requests to check-in, they will appear in the Approvals screen. If host notifications are on, hosts will be notified when this occurs, by email, SMS or push notifications depending on the host’s settings.

Accepting a request will present the guest with their mobile pass. Rejecting a request will return the guest to the check-in screen in Sine Pro. Guests checking in via iPad will only be shown upon check-in that their Host may approve them.

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