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Your Activity Feed is the core to Sine

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The main page of the web dashboard is the Activity Feed. This dashboard shows the user all guests, past and present. The Activity Feed is broken into Checked in and Checked out guests.

Clicking on each guest entry will reveal the guest’s detailed view, and is where badges and passes can be printed from.

The Check-out icon allows the team member to check-out guests manually. This will move them from the Checked in list to the Checked out list.

Guests can also be messaged from the Activity feed by pressing the message icon next to the Check-out icon. See Messaging Guests for more information.

An email will be sent to the guest if they checked in on SinePoint Pro or a push notification will be sent if the guest checked in using the Sine Pro mobile app.

You may search for guest passes from the Activity Feed.

 Simply type in the Search Passes… box. You may further filter these pass results by Site.

At the top of the Activity Feed are action buttons.

  • Active Passes: lets you print or email all active passes to your printer or email ID. Useful for printing off attendance lists or lists for fire evacuations.

  • Check-In: Signs users into Sine through the web. Useful for receptionists to sign in users if there is no iPad set up with SinePoint or if users don’t have access to the Sine Pro app.

  • Invite Guests: If you would like to invite guests to your site, click here to add their information. When the invitation time you set comes, you’ll be able to sign them in from the activity feed by simply clicking on them.

  • Messaging: If you need to message all guests, hosts or show the message on all displays, select this Messaging button to type a message.

  • Profile menu: Here you can log in and log out of the web dashboard, receive help, or edit profile settings.

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