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Accessing your Activity Feed from Mobile
Accessing your Activity Feed from Mobile

To access your Activity Feed from your mobile phone:

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  1. Go to Dashboard at from your mobile phone browser.

  2. Log in at the landing page using your email address and password.

 3. Once you’ve logged in, you will be taken to the Activity Feed. The default view gives easy access to all tabs. Feel free to zoom in and out by pinching the screen if necessary.

Active Passes from Mobile

You may want to email or print all active passes, just as you can on desktop. This is useful for if there is a fire evacuation and you need a list of all members still on site.

To access active passes from mobile:

  1. Select the Active Passes button at the top of the Activity screen.

  2. The Active Passes overlay will appear. Select either Email to send yourself an email list of all checked-in guests, or Print to print out the list. Note: your mobile device must support printing capabilities for this feature to work correctly.

Messaging Guests from Mobile

Alternatively, you may wish to message all guests, as is possible on the Desktop version of Dashboard. To do so:

1.Scroll right over to the Messaging button.

2. Add your message and select message type and destination.

3. Scroll down and press Send Message. Your message will send in accordance with options selected.

Other functions

All functions available on the desktop Dashboard are available here – simply navigate around the website as you would on Desktop. Checking in and out guests is available from the buttons at the top. Invitations are also available from the Invitations tab. Feel free to explore the website from Mobile and let us know what you think using the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner.

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