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Visitors can now check-in using their mobile phone's browser.

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What is this feature

A new method for a visitor to check-in, which doesn’t require a SinePoint Pro kiosk or downloading an app. Functionality includes:

  1. Visitor can add check-in details (first & last name, email, mobile, company)

  2. Visitor can search and select a host, and await host approval

  3. Visitor can complete check-in/out forms

  4. Visitor can provide signature

  5. Visitor can take or upload photo

  6. Visitor receives a digital pass

  7. Visitor receives an emailed pass

Key Strengths

  1. Create a shareable check-in link

  2. Create location restrictions which requires a visitor to be within the geofence to check-in.

  3. Customers with highly congested visitor hours will benefit from this feature because visitors do not need to stand in queue to wait for iPad kiosk to check-in.

  4. Fully contactless check-in

  5. Ability to start check-in before on site but can’t check-in until officially on site

Key Limitations

  1. Does not integrate with our scanning features (drivers license scanning, etc)

  2. Cannot print a badge directly to printer. To print badges, you must purchase an iPad which connects to a printer.

  3. Does not support automatic check-in and out (used in SinePro mobile app).

  4. Does not support push notifications

  5. Does not support FaceCheck or Returning Visitor (however not quite required for this use case).

How to Access and Enable

Web check-in is managed at an individual site level and must be turned on for each site you’d like to be able to use it.

To enable this feature, contact customer support in the bottom widget within the Dashboard to turn on.

By default when mobile check-in is enabled so is QR scan inside geofence only. This setting requires the user to be within the customizable geofence to check-in.

Once enabled, navigate to the General page and scroll down to find the web check-in site poster. This poster can be printed and hung around the site to encourage visitors to check-in using their mobile device’s browser.

The site can also distribute a direct link to check-in online, which is found in the context menu next to the Site’s title.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I maintain the integrity of my check-in reports if someone can access my site link anywhere, anytime and check-in?

A: This is precisely why we connected the experience to the function QR scan inside geofence only – this requires the user to enable their location services during check-in. If the user is not seen within the geofence, they will be prevented from fully checking in.

Q: Do web check-ins appear on the dashboard, like other check-ins?

A: Yes. They are recorded like all other visitor check-ins. As an administrator with access to the Activity Feed, you will be able to monitor these check-ins just the same.

Q: I want printed badges. How can I set this up with web check-in?

A: If you would like printed badges, you need to install at least one iPad connected to a printer. This printer will be assigned as the preferred printer. When a check-in is completed via web check-in, the badge will automatically be printed to your preferred printer. Note, if you have several people check-in at once, the print job is queued and will print in the order the request was made. This could take between 2-5 seconds per print depending on the strength of your local connectivity.

Q: How do my visitors check-out?

A: Once a visitor checks into your site using web check-in, the browser will display a digital pass of their visitor details. The digital pass also includes a check-out button. The visitor will also receive an email with their pass and entry instructions, which includes a link to their digital pass in case they navigate away from their browser.

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