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Going paperless | Onboarding Guide

Looking to streamline and simplify your visitor management processes by going paperless? Here's the key features you'll want to setup.

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The future is digital, and with Sine you can take your first steps into a paperless office. Here we will cover the essential features to implement at your organisation to help you do away with paper logbooks for good.

This article will cover:

Visitor types

The first thing you'll want to set up is your Visitor Types. These will vary depending on your operations and the variety of people entering your facility. In setting your visitor types, you will want to consider the different check-in flows you will require, as these can be customised to provide a unique flow per visitor type.

It is also useful to consider the user experience and choose names for your visitor types that will be clear to users when they select which type they are checking in as.

At a basic level, we often start with the below visitor types:

  • Visitor

  • Contractor

  • Staff

  • Delivery

For each visitor type, you can select a name and colour to be associated with that visitor type.

To edit your visitor types, you will need to navigate to Sites and then select Settings for the relevant site. You can then find Visitor Types within the General section.

Check-in forms

For organisations that are shifting towards a paperless workplace, check-in forms are one of the most powerful features. This is where you can gather all the essential information you require from visitors.

Check-in forms are completely customisable, with various field types, all with the ability to customise the experience for different visitor types. Whether it's as simple as a mobile number and email address through to complex safety inductions and signed non-disclosure agreements—Sine has you covered.

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Sine Pro

The Sine Pro mobile app is a great way to take your workplace completely paperless, you can even do away with printed badges! It enables you to have everyone check-in to site through their own mobile device. With Sine Pro, you have a variety of check-in methods available.

Nearby site selection

With nearby site selection, your site will be visible to users in the Sine Pro app when they are close to your location. Once they have selected your site, they are taken through your check-in forms and processes, just as a user would be at a kiosk.


When you enable a geofence for your site, you can allow regular visitors to be checked in automatically. This is a great option for contractors or employees, who are not required to complete check-in forms for every visit, and helps to reduce congestion at kiosks

QR scanning

For some operations, a geofence is not practical. Particularly where people need to be funnelled through specific entry/exit points. For these sites, QR scanning can be a great option.

With QR scanning, users can scan QR code posters to check in when they arrive on-site. For added security and validation, you can enable geofence verification, preventing users from checking in when they are not physically present.

Instant QR

Looking to check-in visitors who don't have the Sine Pro app? Instant QR allows visitors to complete a contactless check-in using their mobile without the need to download the app.

Analytics and reporting

Sine can provide you with powerful insights and reporting to help you better understand and manage your operations. From the reporting dashboard to automated daily email reports, you can tailor Sine's reporting to your operational needs.

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The key to a great visitor experience is efficient notifications so that no one is left waiting unnecessarily. With Sine, you have the flexibility to ensure hosts are always promptly notified that a visitor has arrived, even if they step away from their desk.

You can set up notifications to be sent to hosts through the Sine Pro mobile app, or workplace messaging systems such as Slack, with additional features like 'delegates' that enable users to receive and action notifications on the behalf of a host.

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Next steps

Looking to get more out Sine, or maybe you just need a bit more guidance? Book a demo with our team to run through your site and ensure you are reaping all the benefits Sine has to offer your workplace!

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