Editing Check-out Forms

Check-out forms can be used to remind guests checking out to return keys, report any incidents or inform of any end-of-day practices.

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  1. Select Sites from the side-menu.

 2. Click Settings on the Site that you wish to add a form to.

3. Select the Check-out Forms tab.

4. Enter the title of the form to show at the top when checking out.

5. Forms can be quickly disabled to hide them from guests. To disable forms, switch the Enable Forms setting to Off.

6. If Pre-fill Form is on, the web dashboard will remember the guests’ previous responses to form questions.

Pre-fill Form Expiry (optional)

If Prefill Form is on, you can set an expiry for form responses:

If you activate Pre-fill Form Expiry, you must set the duration until expiry:

For more information on Pre-fill Form Expiry, please see this article.

7. Click Add New Field for each new question you would like displayed to the guest.

8. Form field types include:

    Plain Text: Guests input text as a response.

​     Yes/No Answer: Guests are presented with two buttons – yes or no.

    Multiple Choice: You can give many choices, and guests select one of these. You
    can also make it so that guests have to select certain responses.

     Multiple Selection: Like Multiple Choice, you provide a list of options for guests to
     choose from but in this case, guests can choose one or more and are not limited           to selecting only one option.

    Numerical: Guests provide a number.

   Fixed Text: You simply provide a note which guests read. No response is given by    
   the guests.

   Fixed Image: You simply provide an image for guests to view. No response is
   given by the guests.

  Physical Signature: Guests draw a signature which is saved.

  • NDA: Provides a template non-disclosure agreement for guests to read.

9. Fields within a form can be displayed to limited visitor types by selecting the corresponding check box.

 10. Make sure to click Save at the bottom once complete.

Once you save a form, the SinePoint Pro app for iPad will reload and the new forms will appear when a guest checks in on the iPad or via the Sine Pro app for Smartphone.

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