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Using your Badge QR code to Check-out
Using your Badge QR code to Check-out

This article details how to use your badge to check-out.

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Enabling Check-out on iPad

To allow guests to check-out using their badge, please ensure that the Check-out button has been enabled on the iPad. To do so, log into the web dashboard as an administrator. Then:

  1. Click Sites from the side-bar

2. Select your desired Site

3. Click iPad from the side-menu

4. Scroll down and ensure that Check-out toggle is enabled

What it looks like

The new QR code will be automatically printed on each badge when a guest checks-in and you have correctly configured your site to print badges on check-n. The QR will be positioned in the bottom-right corner of the badge and will look similar to the one pictured below:

How to Check-out

Once the guest has checked-in and received their badge (with the attached QR code) they can now check-out from the SinePoint Pro app using their badge. To do so:

  1. Touch the Check-out button on the iPad main screen

2. Hold your badge so that the corners of the QR code line up with the corners of example QR code in the display (as pictured below)

Note: If the QR code isn’t recognized, please ensure you have updated the SinePoint Pro app to the latest version (at least v1.6.0)

3. Once the QR code is recognized, a little spinner will appear and the camera display will grey out.

4. Upon a successful scan with valid details, the guest will be checked out (or taken to their check-out forms if they are enabled).

5. (Optional): If the guest sees an error message such as “Failed to Check-out” it is likely that they have already been checked out by one of your staff and this can be verified by checking your activity feed.

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