Manage your SinePoint Pro interface

SinePoint Settings allow you to configure the appearance and functionality of your Site’s iPads using SinePoint Pro software.

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  1. Select Sites from the sidebar.

2. Select the Site which contains an iPad you wish to change settings for.

3. Select the iPad tab in Site Settings

4.  You will now have access to the SinePoint Settings.

Home Screen

  • Show Clock: This setting will show or hide the clock from the Welcome screen.

  • Show Welcome Message: This will show or hide the Welcome Message text from the Welcome Screen.

  • Edit Welcome Message: You can edit the text which displays in place of “Welcome to” on the Welcome Screen. For example:

  • Show Site Name: You can show or hide the site name line.

  • Show QR Code: This setting will show or hide the QR code in the bottom right-hand corner of the Welcome page. Showing this QR is good for mobile users who can check-in simply by scanning the QR code with their mobile device.

  • Colour Theme: Changing the colour theme will change the text colour to black for the light theme, and white for the dark theme. Dark backgrounds suit the dark theme, and light backgrounds suit the light theme. Make sure your backgrounds complement the colour theme.
    Dark Theme:

  • Light theme:

  • Returning Check-in: This setting enables users who have previously checked out to check back in without entering their user information again. They may do so by entering their email or mobile number. For guests to be able to check-out using this method, they must enter their email or mobile when checking in – guests can’t check-out simply by name as a security feature.

  • Deliveries Button: The Deliveries button enables a fast one-tap method of checking in couriers who need to quickly let you know of their arrival.

  • Check Out: This setting enables guests to check out from Sine using the iPad by entering their email or mobile number (provided they entered their email or mobile when checking in).

Check-in Confirmation

  • Success Message: This message displays after a guest has checked in. Please limit your message to 140 characters.

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