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This article explains how to configure your site with Eventbrite

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Sine has partnered with Eventbrite to provide a seamless and efficient way to check-in attendees to your events. For more information on this feature, see our blog.

The Eventbrite integration requires SinePoint Pro v1.9.8 or above.

Event tickets/attendees are limited to 3000.

You must have an Eventbrite account and configure all event requirements with Eventbrite prior to activating this integration.

The Eventbrite Integration feature must be activated by Sine prior to configuration. Please contact [email protected]

The following site settings must be off for the Eventbrite integration to function:

  • Mobile required must be disabled

  • Email required must be disabled

  • Enable Hosts must be disabled

  • Photo ID required must be disabled

  • Company required must be disabled

  • There must be no forms for the site

  • Disable mobile check-in for the site (recommended)

Event Mode:
All iPads connected to your Site will enter event mode when the integration is active. This will prevent regular check-ins for your site until the integration is deactivated. If you wish to maintain regular check-in functionality at your site during your event, a new site will need to be created for your event (charges apply).

Site Setup:

1. Via dashboard.sine.co, browse to Sites and identify the site you wish to use of the event. Click settings > integrations.

2. Click on the 'Eventbrite' integration. If this doesn't appear, contact us.

3. Click on 'Link to your account'

4. You will be directed to the Eventbrite website. Login with your Eventbrite credentials (if requested) and approve Sines access by clicking 'Allow'.

5. You will then be re-directed back to Sine to configure your integration:

  • Select your Event from the drop down list:

  • Select the desired visitor type for event attendees. All guests who check in with their Eventbrite ticket will be assigned this visitor type. 

  • Enable the Integration via the toggle:

6. Save your Integration. Upon saving, all iPads connected to this site will refresh and enter Event mode.

Your Eventbrite integration is now active. Attendees can check-in using your iPad(s) in event mode by scanning the QR code on their pass. 

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