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Calendar Integration for Inviting Guests (Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar)
Calendar Integration for Inviting Guests (Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar)

Create an invite on Sine from your email calendar, including Outlook, Google Calendar and iCloud.

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Sine invitations can be created directly from your email calendar, using the Sine calendar integration. This is a great way to streamline your processes, removing the need to log in to Sine's web dashboard and create a separate invitation after you have set up an event in your calendar.

For this feature to work correctly, you will need to ensure the email address you are sending the calendar invite from is the same as your Sine Host email address.

To simplify things further, you can also add [email protected] to your contacts list—both addresses will work for creating invitations.

Note: To use this feature, please ensure Email Calendar Invitees is toggled on for your site. This can be found under Site Settings>Notifications. Contact your administrator to ensure this setting has been toggled on

Creating your invitations

To Invite guests, begin by opening the calendar of your email client. Create your meeting as you normally would, including the date, times and location. Then ensure you include either [email protected] as a guest.

Once you have created your event and it has been sent to your guest, you will receive an email reply from the Sine calendar asking you to confirm your invitations. Follow the link provided to proceed.

To start the confirmation, ensure the correct Site for the meeting is selected from the dropdown. Then, assign your Host Organiser and Host Profile—these could be different or the same person. The Host Organiser is the person that will receive any future emails from the Sine system that relate to the organisation of the invite. The Profile is the host that the user will be checked in as 'seeing' at your site when they arrive.

If you are creating invites for a different time zone, you can also change this using the dropdown menu to the right of the meeting time. This will allow you to ensure you have the time correct for the location of the invites.

Finally, select the visitor type for your guests and toggle Send invite on/off as required. When Send invite is toggled off, the user will not receive a Sine invite to your site, this may be used where there are other people from your organisation on the invite who will therefore not need to check in. Alternatively, if your Sine instance contains multiple tenants, you may have someone attending from the same 'site' but a different company, in which case they may require a Sine invite to check in at your organisation.

Updating calendar invites

Microsoft Outlook

Changes to the time, date, attendees, subject, body text or location of an event created in Outlook can automatically be updated in Sine. To do this:

  • The updates must be made in the Outlook Desktop app.

  • "Send updates to all attendees" must be checked for Sine to be informed of the changes

  • Hosts will be sent a new confirmation email to confirm their calendar edits, and must action this to confirm the update.

Note: Updates made in the Outlook iPad App and Outlook Web App will not be updated in Sine.

Google Calendar, Apple Calendar & others

Updates made to the event in Google or Apple Calendar may not be sent to Sine and therefore changes will not be reflected on the Sine dashboard. To update the invite in your Sine dashboard, delete your calendar event and create a new one with the updated details. 

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