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Slack Integration Setup

This article describes how to setup Slack to receive messages and notifications from Sine

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The following instructions guide you through the setup of the Slack integration. The Slack integration monitors check-in/out events and can send messages to the user/channel of your choosing. You can also use the accept/ reject feature to take you straight to pending guests in your Sine web dashboard. Slack can optionally show extra information including captured photos, host, status, and more.

Setup Instructions

1. From the web Dashboard, click Locations on the left sidebar.

2. On the Locations page click on the Site tab and select a Site for which you wish to receive check-in/out notifications within Slack.

3. Click on Integrations from the side menu modal.

4. Click on the Add integration button.

5. Select the Slack integration.

6. Click on the Add to Slack button.

7. Enter your Slack workspace URL (if you have already logged into Slack on your web browser, skip to Step 8).

8. Choose your authentication method to allow Sine access to your Slack workspace. (This is your Slack username and password).

9. Click the Allow button to allow Sine to proceed.

10. You will be taken to the Edit your Slack Integration screen.

11. Edit the Name of the integration (Optional).

12. Enter the name of a user or channel you'd like Sine messages to appear in.

If you are adding Sine to a private Slack channel you will need to add "Sine" to the Slack channel as a new member. Open up the private channel you wish to add Sine to, type "@sine" and select Sine from the 'People matching' list

13. Set further options as desired:

  • Only trigger on certain visitor types

  •  Only trigger on check-in, check-out, or pending events (see the Events subsection for more information)

  • Show detailed information such as mobile, email or hostname

14. Ensure you Enable the integration by toggling it on once you have finished editing.

15. Click Save.

16. Sine will ask Slack if the User or Channel specified exists. If it does, the process is complete. If not, Sine will let you know to choose a valid User or Channel Name.


  • signin_pending: This event triggers when a guest has checked in but is waiting for Host Approval. Please see the Host Approvals guide for more details on Approvals.

  • signin_after: This event triggers after a guest has fully checked in and the have a fully active and valid pass on the Activity Feed

  • signout_after: This event triggers after a guest has fully checked out and they no longer have an active pass on the activity feed.

Host Notification

None: No Host notification or listing

Tag: This posts all Slack notifications to a common channel, as defined in the setup. If the Host email address matches an email address in your Slack team, it will tag the user with an "@mention". (This will fall back to listing the Host Name in the channel/user you listed when setting up the integration if there is no associated email in Slack).

Message: This posts Slack notifications directly to your hosts' private Slack channels. If the Host email address matches an email address in your Slack team, it will direct message that account to alert them directly. (This will fall back to posting to the channel/user you listed when setting up the integration if there is no associated email in Slack).


The integration did not save

Check the name of the user or channel you entered.

  • Make sure the text matches exactly with the channel or user. For users:
    - Name
    - Display name
    - Email

  • For channels:
    - Channel name

  • If you receive the error "Slack couldn't find the specified user or channel. If it's a private channel, please invite the Sine app to the channel via Slack first, then retry".
    1. Open Slack.
    2. Open up the private channel you wish to add Sine to.
    3. Click the Settings icon.Click "Invite new members to join".
    4. If applicable, click "Show channel history".
    5. Type "Sine".
    6. Provided you've authorized Sine previously, it will appear on the list.
    7. Click Sine, then Invite to grant the Sine app permissions to see the private channel.
    8. Try to save the integration again.

Make sure you have selected at least one visitor type for the integration to trigger on.

Make sure you have selected at least one event type for the integration to trigger on.

The integration is not working - no messages in Slack

Make sure that the integration is enabled.

Check that you're looking for message in the same channel/user as the one you specified in the integration settings.

Check that the visitors you're expecting to see in the Slack messages conform to the filters you specify - visitor type, event type.

If you specified a private channel, make sure the Sine app has been given access.

Make sure the Sine app still exists within your Slack workspace - a member of your team may have removed/deleted the Slack app from Slack, which means you'll need to re-authenticate each integration.

How to remove the Sine bot

Stop the bot from posting messages

  1. Log into the Sine dashboard and click Settings > Sites.

  2. Click on the site which has the Slack integration you'd like to remove.

  3. In the sidebar, click Integrations.

  4. Click on the Slack integration on the left half of the column.

  5. In the bottom left-hand corner, click Remove.

The Sine bot will now no longer post checking events to the user/channel.

Remove the bot from a particular channel

  1. In Slack, enter the channel the Sine bot's in.

  2. Type: /remove @Sine and hit Enter.

  3. Confirm the message box which appears.

The Sine bot is now no longer part of the channel.
(If the bot is in a public channel, you will need to follow the instructions above first, or change where the bot posts to in its Settings page - otherwise the bot may re-join the channel.)

Remove the bot from your team

As either a team admin, team owner or original integration authenticator, you may remove the bot from your team. This will completely remove all permissions and abilities from the Sine bot. You will need to remove and re-add each site-specific integration if you would like to re-add the bot.

  1. Click on your Workspace drop-down > Customize Slack > Manage Apps.Or, go here:

  2. Click on the Sine integration on the list.

  3. Scroll down and click on Remove App.

  4. Confirm removal again to remove the bot.

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