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Validating Workflows at Check-in (Workflows integration)
Validating Workflows at Check-in (Workflows integration)

This article outlines how to enable the integration of a Workflow with the check-in event.

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Please note: Enabling the integration of a workflow with the check-in event may prevent visitors from accessing your site. We recommend providing sufficient time for existing affected visitor types (such as contractors) to complete relevant workflows (and for these to be approved) prior to activating the Integration. 

Once you've set up your workflow and linked it to the relevant sites (help on that here), toggle to the Core Dashboard via the app switcher found in the bottom left-hand corner of the Dashboard.

Click "Locations" from the left menu bar

Click on the site you want to integrate the workflow to

Locate the 'Integrations' menu option

Under 'Current Integrations', locate the name of the workflow you wish to integrate and click on the cog

Note: If your workflow doesn't appear in this list, return to the Workflow setup and ensure you've selected the desired site(s) for the workflow to apply. Help here.

Step 1:
Select visitor type(s) for this workflow to apply to:

Step 2:
Specify at what phase of the check-in the workflow should validate:

Check-in Request: During check-in, Sine will check for a valid (approved) workflow matching the mobile and/or email address entered by the visitor/contractor. If no approved Workflow exists, they will be rejected from checking in to the site and sent a link via SMS and/or email to complete the workflow.

Check-in Success: After successful check-in, Sine will email (not SMS) a link to complete the workflow to the visitor/contractor via email. This does not prevent check-in or check-out.

Check-out Success: After successful check-out, Sine will email (not SMS) a link to complete the workflow to the visitor/contractor via email. This does not prevent check-in or check-out.

*Note: Check-in and check-out Success is ideal to turn on during the implementation and change management phase.

Step 3:
On the Integration settings page, create a custom Rejection Message. This will be seen by visitors who have not completed a required workflow when attempting to access the site.

Step 4:
Once you've customised the integration to your desired settings, toggle to Enable the workflow and click 'Save'.

For further assistance with workflow integrations, click on the chat icon for live chat in the bottom right of this screen. Our team will be happy to help. 

In addition, below is a sample message for you to introduce and onboard Sine to new contractors, typically for mobile check-in:

Hi All,

As you may be aware, we are implementing a contractor check-in process using Sine software, allowing you to check in to sites using the Sine Pro app, which can be downloaded on your mobile smartphone (iPhone and Android phones).

Sine will enable a simple and seamless contractor check-in process and will replace paper processes at [site name].

If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, please download the Sine Pro app and create your free profile to check-in.

The main features include using the app to check in to the above sites using Location Services or scanning QR codes of posters displayed at various check-in points at each site and an iPad kiosk on site.

Before your next visit to the site, we ask that you complete the following digital forms to ensure your check-in experience is as frictionless as possible.



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