COVID-19 Responses Integration

This article outlines Sines COVID-19 integration for check-in forms

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In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Sine has developed an integration to further screen your visitors and protect your site. For more information on how Sine is protecting your site during the COVID-19 outbreak, please see our toolkit here.

This integration works in conjunction with additional screening questions within your Site check-in forms, as outlined in our COVID-19 toolkit. You may customise your own check-in questions as required.

How does it work?

If your visitors answer incorrectly to any of the specified COVID-19 question within your check-in form, the following options can occur:

  • Host Approval: The host of the visitor will be notified, can review their incorrect response, and then approve or reject the check-in attempt.

  • Reject: The visitor will automatically be rejected at check-in. Rejected visitors can be viewed by Admin within the Sine dashboard. 

What you'll need to decide:

  • Rejection Message: This is the message you'd like displayed to visitors who choose an incorrect response to your check-in form questions

  • Blocking Strategy: The action taken when an incorrect response is entered

  • Visitor types: The visitors types this feature should apply to

  • Check-in Form questions: The specific Check-in form questions that the required answer is yes and those that the required answer is no.

Ready to activate?
This is a managed integration and needs to be activated by our support team. Once you've collected the information requested above, please contact us using the chat bubble in the bottom right of this screen, or by emailing [email protected].

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