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Check-in with Facial Recognition (Face Check)
Check-in with Facial Recognition (Face Check)

This article explains how to check-in to a site using Face Check, Sines facial recognition feature.

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Sines new Face Check feature provides an efficient and secure way for visitors to check-in and out of a site. 

This article explains how to check-in using Face Check at a site for the first time. If you've already opted-in to Face Check at site, please check-in as a returning user.

  1. Tap check-in on the home screen of the Sine iPad app.

2. As it's the first time you're using Face Check at this site, select 'First Time User' here. 

3. Enter your details (required fields may vary depending on site requirements)

4. At the photo screen, ensure you opt-in to FaceCheck by tapping on the toggle in the bottom right corner of the screen & confirming at the prompt:

5. Select your host (if applicable)

6. You have now checked-in using Face Check. Please review the process to check out using Face Check here.

Don't forget to check-in as a returning user next time you visit the site.

Note: In the current COVID-19 climate, the efficacy of Face Check may be significantly diminished if a user is wearing a face mask.

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