Sine's new Face Check feature provides an efficient and secure way for visitors to check-in and out of your site. This feature is now available on all plans at no additional cost.

Face Check must be activated by Sine, please contact us for more information.

For information on how to check-in using Face Check for the first time, see this article

For information on how to check-out using Face Check for the first time, see this article

Key Information:

  • Face Check is opt-in, meaning visitors must agree to use Face Check during their check-in process. Face Check cannot be opt-in by default. 

  • By default (once activated), visitors who have opted-in to Face Check at a specific site will be able to use the returning user check-in flow on their next visit. Please contact us if you don't want Face Check for returning visitors.

  • Face Check requires Sine Point Pro version 1.9.9 or newer

  • Face Check works best on an iPad Air (2013) or newer that supports iOS 12 as a minimum.


If the spinning icon is displayed and the screen does not proceed to check-out, the iPad is having trouble recognising your face. The following may help:

  • Tap the back arrow and then tap 'Check-out'. Attempt to check-out again.

  • Try adjusting the angle of the photo, ensuring your entire face is captured

  • Check for lighting conditions. Particularly dim lighting or the presence of a bright light in the background of the photo may interfere with FaceCheck.

If all above fails, check out using your email or mobile number. If you didn't provide these details on check-in, please contact your site host to check out manually.

Note: In the current COVID-19 climate, the efficacy of Face Check may be significantly diminished if a user is wearing a face mask.

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