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Auto check-in with the Sine Pro mobile app
Auto check-in with the Sine Pro mobile app

This article explains how to set up auto check-in for through the Sine Pro mobile app, and quick troubleshooting steps.

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Sine's Auto Check-in feature allows visitors to automatically check in to a site using the Sine Pro mobile app.ย 

Once you enter the geofence of the site with auto check-in enabled, Sine Pro will automatically check you in on-site! This feature allows you to ensure you will always have accurate times for your attendance at a site and automate the check-in process for regular visitors, contractors or occupants.

In this guide we will look at:

Note: Visitors using the Sine Pro mobile app will have the option to automatically check in as the previous visitor type when re-entering the site's geofence. These changes will only take effect after the visitor's next check-in.

Users will not be able to auto check-in if they need to meet additional check-in requirements (host selection, host approval, forms, integrations). See Troubleshooting tips for more information.

Enabling auto check-in

The process and interface is the same for both iOS and Android devices.

To begin, launch the Sine Pro mobile app and select the Profile tab. From there, you can just navigate to Site Settings and tap the site you would like to enable auto check-in for.

Then, simply toggle Auto check-in to the on active position (indicated when the toggle turns blue)

Troubleshooting auto check-in issues

The configuration of both a site and an individual user's mobile device can impact the ability to complete an auto check-in. If you experience any difficulties with auto check-in, you can quickly troubleshoot this in-app, to ensure your settings are correctly configured.

The first thing to confirm is if the Auto check-in option can be enabled. If this is greyed out and unable to be toggled on, then it is likely your site is not configured to allow auto check-in. This is an administrator-level setting, you can read more about enabling auto check-in as an administrator of a team or site here.

If Auto check-in is enabled and you are still unable to check in, select Geofence troubleshooting.

Here, you will be able to view your device settings which may have an impact on automatic check-in. These should all be listed as On. If any of these settings are marked as Off then auto check-in will not work. To fix a setting that is off, simply tap Off and Sine Pro will redirect you to your mobile device's settings so that you can update the configuration of that setting.

If all settings are marked as On and you are still unable to auto check-in, select Contact support and you will be able to submit a support request and log your issue directly in the Sine Pro mobile app.

A member of the Sine team will then be in contact to provide further support.

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