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Checking out of a site using Sine Pro
Checking out of a site using Sine Pro

There are 3 ways to check-out of a Site with the Sine Pro mobile app.

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Using the Geofence

As Sine Pro utilizes location-based services, when you leave a site, Sine Pro will send you a notification reminding you to check-out.

You can confirm or ignore this notification. If you confirm, you will be checked out of the site. If you ignore it, you will remain checked in. Ignoring this notification is sometimes useful when you are attending the site but leaving temporarily and don’t wish to be checked out.

Tapping the Check-out button

You can also manually check-out of a Site selecting the Check-Out button on the mobile Pass.
 On Android this is located in the top right-hand corner of your Pass, shown below:

 On iOS, you can touch the check-out arrow button in the top right-hand corner of your Pass or click the Check-out Button located on the Site List screen, shown below:

Scan the Site QR code

You can also check-out of a Site by pressing Scan in the top right-hand corner and scanning the QR code of the Site.

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