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Printing a site poster for QR check-in
Printing a site poster for QR check-in

Automatically generate a site poster for QR check-in with the Sine Prp mobile app.

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Printing a site poster allows mobile users to quickly check-in by simply scanning the QR code on the poster using the Sine Pro mobile app 

  1. On the Sine Pro Dashboard, select Sites from the side-menu

 2. Select the Site for which you wish to print a poster off.

3. Under the General tab in the side-menu, scroll down to the Print a site poster card

4. Select the type of poster you would like to print off. Folded posters are designed to be folded into a triangle and placed on the desk next to the iPad. Posters are designed to be placed on a wall or on the front desk.

5. A PDF will be downloaded. Print the PDF and set the poster up as designed.

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