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Check-out by facial recognition (Face Check)
Check-out by facial recognition (Face Check)

This article explains how to check-out of a site using Face Check, Sines Facial Recognition feature.

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Sines new Face Check feature provides an efficient and secure way for visitors to check-in and out of your site.

To check-out of a site using Face Check, you must have opted-in to the feature during Check-in. More detail here
Tap the check-out button on the main screen of the app via the Sine iPad.

3. Align your face within the square shown on the screen. When the app detects a face, the image will darken and a spinning icon will be displayed.

4. After your face has been detected, you will then be checked out

If the spinning icon is displayed and the screen does not proceed to check-out, the iPad is having trouble recognising your face. The following may help:

  • Tap the back arrow and then tap 'Check-out'. Attempt to check-out again.

  • Try adjusting the angle of the photo, ensuring your entire face is captured

  • Check for lighting conditions. Particularly dim lighting or the presence of a bright light in the background of the photo may interfere with FaceCheck.

Note: In the current COVID-19 climate, the efficacy of Face Check may be significantly diminished if a user is wearing a face mask.

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