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Everything you need to know about our ID Check feature. Please note this is only available for US customers.

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Update! New ID Check feature available in Beta for customers globally.

Sine ID check requires visitors to present and scan their US-issued drivers licence as part of the check-in process. 


  • This feature is available to US Customers only

  • This feature is available on all plan types

  • An iPad running SinePoint Pro 1.12 or newer

  • A compatible iPad stand with either an opening for the rear camera or ID scanning tray:

                 - Modern Desk Stand
                 - Modern Floor Stand
                 - ID Scanning Stand

This feature needs to be activated by Sine. To get started, please contact us by using the chat bubble at the bottom right of this screen. 


  1. Once activated by Sine, you can configure ID scanning from within the Sine dashboard. Navigate to Sites > Settings > iPad > ID Scanning.

2. Configure how invalid or expired ID's should be handled:

Permit - If an expired ID is presented, the ID is not able to be scanned or the visitor elects to check-in manually the check-in with continue without interruption

Require Approval - if an expired ID is presented, the ID is not able to be scanned or the visitor elects to check-in manually, the check-in request will move to accept/reject mode and must be approved/rejected by an admin for your site via the dashboard

3. Hit SAVE to confirm your configuration. If already connected, your Sine iPad will update with these settings.

4. Toggle OFF Returning Check-in via Sites>Settings>iPad:

Returning check-in flow is not compatible with ID Check.

5. Configure your display as per ID Scanning Method:

ID Scanning works with the rear camera on your Sine iPad (no other equipment required). In this instance, no changes are required to display settings.

On check-in, visitors will be prompted to scan their ID using the ID scanning tray. 

Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you have further questions. 

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