How to check-in with ID Check

A quick look at the ID scanning check-in flow for a visitor at a site with ID check enabled. Note, this is only available to US customers.

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ID Check is a great way to verify visitor information and provide a quick check-in flow. Visitors simple scan their US driver's license on arrival at the site and their details are automatically extracted. Currently, this is only available in the United States.

iPad Check-in

1. Tap the Check-in button to begin:

2. Tap First time user here to reveal the visitor details screen.

3. Sine will prompt you to scan the barcode on your US Drivers Licence using either the rear camera or scanning attachment. 

*If you wish not to use your ID, you can click on 'Check-in manually:

4. First name and last name will be pre-filled from the ID information. Proceed to completing other required fields (such as mobile, email, mobile, company name, and visitor type)

5. Tap Next

6. If Forms are enabled, the Forms screen will now appear requesting further responses. If Forms are not enabled, then this screen will not appear (skip to the next step).

7. If host selection is required at this site, please select the person you are there to see. If this screen is not shown, host selection is not required. Proceed to confirmation.

8. A pass will now be sent to the email address provided and the Host notified via email, SMS or a push notification via the Sine Pro App (if Hosts are enabled for that visitor type).

9.  If a printer is connected, and badge printing is enabled for this site or visitor type, a visitor badge will print.

10. Guests will now be checked-in and visible on the activity feed to Sine admins.

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