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Security | Onboarding Guide

Looking to enhance security in your workplace? Here's the key features you'll want to setup.

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If you're looking to improve security in your workplace, managing your people flow is a great place to start. With Sine, we make it easy to manage and maintain visibility over every person who enters your site.

Today we will run through some of the key features of Sine that can be used to improve on-site security. These include:

If you require any assistance with setting up your site, don't hesitate to reach out to our team. They are available 24/7 via the chat bubble below, or you can book a demo to go through Sine via video conference at a time that suits you.

Visitor types

The first thing you'll want to set up is your Visitor Types. These will vary depending on your operations and the variety of people entering your facility. In setting your visitor types, you will want to consider the different check-in flows you will require, as these can be customised to provide a unique flow per visitor type.

It is also useful to consider the user experience and choose names for your visitor types that will be clear to users when they select which type they are checking in as.

At a basic level, we often start with the below visitor types:

  • Visitor

  • Contractor

  • Staff

  • Delivery

However, you can create as many custom visitor types as you may require for your operations. For each visitor type, you can select a name and colour to be associated with that visitor type.

To edit your visitor types, you will need to navigate to Sites and then select Settings for the relevant site. You can then find Visitor Types within the General section.

Invitation required

Everyone knows the most exclusive places are invite-only, so why shouldn't your workplace be too?

If security is your focus, then consider whether Invitation Required might make sense for your operations. When you enable Invitation Required, users will only be able to check-in if their details match those on an existing invitation that your team have added in Sine. Or, for an even simpler check-in experience, they can use the handy Fast Track QR code that will be emailed to them upon creation of the invitation to check-in and skip entering details that you already have!

Read more about how to enable Invitation required here:

Host approvals

With host approvals, every check-in attempt will be sent to a selected host for approval before the check-in process is completed. This is a great way for your staff to verify that the person checking in is someone who they recognise and are expecting to meet with.

You can set the host approvals requirement per visitor type, in order to suit your operations. For example, you may require visitors to be approved by hosts, but not staff or contractor check-ins.

You can read about setting up host approvals below:

Badge printing

A printed badge, or lack thereof, is a simple way to quickly identify someone who should not be on-site. With Sine, you can easily print badges for visitors as part of the check-in process, containing important details such as their name, contact details, who they are seeing and even a photo for added verification.

To print badges, you will need to have a printer connected to your check-in kiosk. You can read more about these hardware options here.

If you have your printer already, you can read more about getting it setup below:

Activity feed

The Activity Feed gives you a real-time view of the activity on your site. You can see at a glance everyone who is currently checked-in, expected arrivals and also anyone who has recently checked-out.

If you're looking to maintain visibility across your site, this is your one-stop hub! You can read more about utilising the Activity Feed here.


With Watchlists, you can flag users based on information they provide at check-in. When a user matches the details of someone on one of your watchlists, their check-in will be highlighted within the Activity Feed, and a notification sent to your designated 'watchers'.

These lists can be used in a variety of ways, whether it's identifying VIP visitors who require the top level of service, or alerting security personnel to the arrival of someone who is not permitted on site.

Watchlists can be further enhanced through our integrations, available to synchronise your watchlist with screening platforms, such as Descartes MK Denial or the US Offender Search.

To get started with Watchlists, please see the below articles:

Face Check

With Face Check, your face is now the pass into the workplace!

Using Face Check is a great way to ensure that credentials aren't being shared and returning users are who they say they are. To get started with Face Check, have a read of the below articles:

ID Scanning (US customers only)

With ID Check, you can add further security to your check-in process through the requirement to present a valid US drivers license. When enabled, you can choose how the absence of a license (or an expired one) should be handled. You can permit the check-in to continue, or set these check-ins to a 'Require Approval' state, for your hosts to review the license presented and then approve or reject the visitor.

To get started with ID Check, please check out the following article:

Further integrations

Sine has a wide range of integrations available to help enhance security at your organisation and enable Sine to operate seamlessly alongside other platforms you already know and love.

Whether it's access control, asset management of compliance and contractor management, we have an ever-growing list of integrations available.

Access Control

Contractor Management


Asset Management

Next steps

Looking to get more out Sine, or maybe you just need a bit more guidance? Book a demo with our team to run through your site and ensure you are reaping all the benefits Sine has to offer your workplace!

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