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Looking to automate and manage compliance in your workplace? Here's the key features you'll want to setup.

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Sine is a powerful tool to automate compliance in the workplace, and relieve the administrative burden that so many organisations experience. With Core + Workflows, you have at your fingertips, a digitised and automated compliance management tool.

This article will cover:

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Visitor types

The first thing you'll want to set up is your Visitor Types. These will vary depending on your operations and the variety of people entering your facility. In setting your visitor types, you will want to consider the different check-in flows you will require, as these can be customised to provide a unique flow per visitor type.

It is also useful to consider the user experience and choose names for your visitor types that will be clear to users when they select which type they are checking in as.

At a basic level, we often start with the below visitor types:

  • Visitor

  • Contractor

  • Staff

  • Delivery

However, you can create as many custom visitor types as you may require for your operations. For each visitor type, you can select a name and colour to be associated with that visitor type.

To edit your visitor types, you will need to navigate to Sites and then select Settings for the relevant site. You can then find Visitor Types within the General section.

Check-in forms

Check-in forms are the easiest way to enhance your compliance processes using Sine. These are completely customisable to present information, ask questions and capture responses and signatures for whatever content your operations require.

Even better, the check-in form can be customised for every different visitor type. This means that while a visitor's check-in may only require host selection and photo capture, the contractor who checks in immediately after can be taken through a more involved induction process—presenting evacuation diagrams, site policies, confirming credentials etc.

Responses to your check-in forms are stored securely but are still simple and easy for your administrators to access and reference when needed.

From safety inductions to non-disclosure agreements, with Sine it's simple to automate compliance and keep your workplace up to date.

To get up to speed on check-in forms, have a read of the following articles:


For many organisations, compliance begins long before someone sets foot on the premises. Workflows empower you to take your compliance processes outside of the check-in process, with the ability to complete inductions and request any required documentation, certifications and licenses before a user is approved to enter the site.

With Workflows, you can set up as many different flows as you require, track document expiry dates and set the frequency with which each flow is to be renewed.

Workflows is available as an upgrade to To learn more about Workflows, you can book a demo with our team:

You can find more support articles for Workflows here.

Pre-arrival induction

One of the most effective ways to keep processes efficient and compliant on-site, is to have all your users complete their compliance procedures before they even arrive!

When you integrate a workflow into your check-in process, you will have three options for when Sine should check for a valid workflow. This can be upon check-in request, check-in success or check-out success—ensuring your people remain compliant all throughout their visit.

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Workflows approvals

There are a variety of ways you can manage approvals of your workflows, depending on your operational requirements. Whether you want workflows to be automatically approved on submission, or reviewed by your team and manually approved, you can keep compliance on track with Workflows.

Further integrations

Integrate Sine with your existing compliance platforms to close the loop and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. With new integrations added all the time, plus full customisation with Sine webhooks, you'll always be covered.

Check out some of our most popular compliance integrations below:

Next steps

Looking to get more out Sine, or maybe you just need a bit more guidance? Book a demo with our team to run through your site and ensure you are reaping all the benefits Sine has to offer your workplace!

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