Create, edit and assign tags in Workflows

Everything you need to know to get started with Tags for Sine Workflows

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Tags allow you to quickly see responses that share similar traits within Sine Workflows and add visual colour coded cues for staff managing Workflows.

Tags can be created and edited by Team or Workflow Admins. Anyone with an Approver role or higher can then apply tags to responses within Workflows. Users with 'Viewer' permissions can see tags assigned to responses, but not add or remove them.

Add a tag

There are two ways to create a new Tag. They can either be created from the 'Manage Tags' module of Workflows, or created when assigning a tag to a response within 'Your Workflows'.

Tag Requirements:

  • Max character length is 255 characters

  • Tags have associated colours as defined when they are created

  • Colours do not have to be unique to each tag

Manage Tags

1. Navigate to 'Manage Tags' from the navigation bar

2. Select 'Create Tag'

3. Assign a name and colour to your new tag, then select 'Save'

Your Workflows

1. When looking at responses to your workflow, open the response by clicking on it.

2. Then, select '+Add Tag' to create a new tag, or select from existing tags to apply.

4. From here, you can create a new tag or apply one of your existing tags to the response.

You can read more about tags over on our blog.

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