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How to set up permissions for your team
How to set up permissions for your team

A quick guide to help you understand the various permissions levels available to your colleagues in Sine.

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Sine offers a range of different permission levels for you to choose from when adding users to help you manage the Sine system. For organisations using both Sine Core and Sine Workflows, teams are managed independent of one another for each platform i.e. a Site Administrator in Core can have an alternative role and permissions set within Sine Workflows.

Sine Core Permissions

Permissions for Core are set using the below permissions matrix, accessible via the web dashboard.

These permissions directly correlate to the sections available within the web dashboard. From left to right, these are:

  • Activity Feed

  • Invitations

  • Reports

  • Sites

  • Hosts

  • Displays

  • Team

Sine Workflows Permissions

Workflows permissions are set at two different levels. The primary delineator for permissions assigns the user either global, site-specific or workflow specific permissions.

Once the primary permission is set, dependent on the selection, you can then assign which sites or which workflows the user should have access to.

Whether access has been granted to a site or specific workflows, you can also give the user either Viewer or Approver access.

This is great where you may have users who need to be able to search and view responses, but do not have the authority to approve them when submitted.

For more information about Workflows permissions, check out this article.

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