Team permissions for Companies

This article explains how to provide and manage access for Sine Companies

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By default, all Team Administrators in your Sine Account account will have access to manage Companies for your team. For more information on Team Administrators in Sine, please see this guide.

Administrator access can also be granted at a Companies level, where you have users that require Companies access but not the comprehensive permissions over Core and Workflows that come with Team Administrator permissions.

Team Permissions at a Companies Level

Administrator or Viewer access can be granted at a Companies level.

Administrator access is recommended when you have users that require Companies access but not the comprehensive permissions over Core and Workflows that come with Team Administrator permissions.

Viewer access is ideal for users who need to:

  • View the companies list, see company contact details, and access uploaded documents.

  • Export data from the Companies list.

Granting Administrator or Viewer Permissions

Step #1: Ensure that the user has an existing Sine account

Before granting any permissions in Companies, you will need to first ensure the user has an existing Sine account. If they do not have an existing account, they can sign up for one by visiting and selecting the User account sign up option.

If you enter the email of a user without an existing Sine account, you will be blocked from completing the action and an error message shown as below.

Step #2: Grant administrator or viewer access

Once you have confirmed your team members have existing Sine accounts, navigate to the Settings page within Companies, and select the Team tab. Then click Add team member.

Simply enter the email address associated with your team member's user account, select the level of access required in the ‘Role’ drop-down menu – Administrator or Viewer - and click Invite. The next time the user logs in to the Sine web dashboard, they will now be able to see the Companies icon in the app tray.

Companies Role Permissions

Updating permissions for beta users

For beta users of Companies, there may be instances where users were given Team Administrator permissions across a Sine instance in order to provide access to Companies. With the release of company admin permissions, you may want to tidy up your team permissions by revoking Team Administrator access to provide Company administrator access instead.

Before you can change Team Administrator permissions, please check your display settings to see if you have any that are linked to that user. If your displays are connected using the legacy user login method, rather than the new Quick Connect method, you may need to re-connect these displays after removing permissions.

You can read more about the Quick Connect method here.

Notifications that users will receive

When user permissions are revoked, the user will receive an email notifying them that their Team Administrator permissions have been revoked.

Similarly, when the Company Administrator permission is granted, they will receive and email notifying them of this. They will need to follow the Accept Invitation link included in that email to complete the process.

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