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Connecting an iPad display using the Quick Connect method
Connecting an iPad display using the Quick Connect method

Quick Connect replaces the traditional username and password login method with a simple PIN code to link displays to your site.

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Quick Connect is our next step enhancement in providing greater security to our users. Customers can now connect their site’s iPad without using their personal username and password through the enablement of connection and access codes.

This article will take you through:

Who can connect an iPad

Displays can be connected through the web dashboard by anyone who has Site Administrator or Team Administrator permissions. If your staff member does not have these permissions, they simply need to provide the Site or Team Administrator the six-digit connection code displayed on SinePoint Pro.

Once a display has been connected, a four-digit Display Settings code is generated—removing the need to share usernames and passwords if other non-administrator users need to manage settings on the iPad.

While automatically generated at the time of connection, the code can be easily changed by a Site Administrator or Team Administrator.

How to connect an iPad using Quick Connect

When you open the SinePoint Pro app you will see the screen below, letting you know that the display is not yet connected. At the same time, visit through the web browser on a device that is logged in to your Sine account.

Note: If you are not logged in, you will need to log in using your web dashboard credentials.

To connect your iPad, select Generate Code and enter that code into the Connect a Display modal on the web dashboard. Then, select the site that the iPad will be used for and click Connect Display to complete the connection.

Note: If you have more than one iPad, we recommend you rename the iPad to a name that is specific to your site’s display.

Note: When a connection code is generated, it will remain valid for ten minutes. After this point, you will need to generate a new code if your display is not yet connected.

Viewing and managing your display settings codes

The display settings code, used to access settings from within the SinePoint Pro app, can be found in the web dashboard. To view and/or edit the code, navigate to Displays from the side navigation bar.

How to disconnect a display or change the site

The Displays area of the web dashboard gives you a great overview of displays across your sites. At a glance, you can see any displays or printers that are currently offline. Enabling you to take quick action and fix any issues.

To disconnect a display, you can either do this from SinePoint Pro settings directly or from the settings modal of the display card.

To change the site allocated to the display, you can only do this from the settings modal of the display card.

Receiving notifications for display changes

Notifications are linked to the user account that enters the six-digit connection code.

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