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Downloading the SinePoint Pro App to your iPad
Downloading the SinePoint Pro App to your iPad

SinePoint Pro for iPad can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.

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Note: Customers with iPads enrolled in Device Management do not need to follow these steps, if you are having trouble finding your SinePoint Pro App with Device Management, please contact our support team.

The SinePoint Pro App for iPad is the best way for new guests to check-in at reception. Guests can quickly and easily check into your Site.

Download it here for free or search for "SinePoint Pro" from the App Store.

Setting Up

  1. If you are asked for an Apple ID, create or use an existing one. Click here for instructions on setting up an Apple ID without adding payment information.

  2. Open SinePoint Pro. The Login screen will be shown.

  3. Login using your Administrator account details. You need to be have either Site Administrator or Team Administrator permissions.

 4. SinePoint Pro will request camera permissions. This is used when Require Photo ID is set on. Accept these permissions to continue.

5. SinePoint Pro will request location permissions. This is used to select a Site which is nearby you. Accept these permissions to continue.

6. SinePoint Pro will request notification permissions. These are used to update the Site settings on the app. Accept these permissions to continue.

7. Once logged in, select a Site linked to your account.

8. SinePoint is now ready for guests to check-in.

Please make sure to check SinePoint’s settings, and whether you’d like to prevent SinePoint from being closed. You can also fine-tune iPad settings from web dashboard.

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