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Lock down your iPad with Guided Access (iOS 13 & above)
Lock down your iPad with Guided Access (iOS 13 & above)

Enabling Guided Access on your iPad locks down the SinePoint Pro app into kiosk mode.

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  1. Go to your iPad’s Settings app.

2. Select 'Accessibility' from the sidebar.

3. Select Guided Access from the list of options:

4.Enable 'Guided Access' and set a passcode:

*make sure everyone on your team knows the passcode in case they need to unlock the iPad in your absence

5. Set your Display Auto-Lock to 'Never'

*or on Default (if Display & Brightness is on Auto-Lock)

6. With the SinePoint Pro App open, click the home button three times in quick succession to enable Guided Access. Only the SinePoint Pro App will accessible until you triple click the home button again, and then re-enter your passcode.

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