Please note that these steps do not apply to customers whose iPad has been shipping from Australia and pre-enrolled in Device Management; none of these steps will be shown if this applies to your device.

  1. Turn on the iPad by holding the power button or plugging into power

  2. Press the Home button to enter the language selection menu and select the relevant language

  3. Select your country or region

  4. Select ‘Set Up Manually’

  5. Choose the WiFi network you want the iPad to be connected to from the list and enter the required credentials

  6. The device should state that it may take some time to activate, do not interfere with the iPad while it is in this state

  7. When prompted about Privacy, press Continue

  8. We recommend you skip Touch ID by selecting Set Up Touch ID Later > Don’t Use. however, you may set this feature up now if desired

  9. We also recommend you do not use a Passcode, to bypass, select Passcode Options> Don’t Use Passcode > Don’t Use Passcode

  10. Select ‘Set Up as New iPad’

  11. At the AppleID screen:  For Users outside Australia enrolling in Device Management: select Forgot Password or don’t have an Apple ID > Set Up Later in Settings > Don’t Use.
    For users not enrolling in Device Management you can choose to add your Apple ID here or Set Up Later, click this link for more information about using an Apple ID.

  12. Read the Terms and Conditions and select Agree to continue setup process

  13. At the ‘Keep Your iPad Up-to-Date’ page select ‘Continue’, keeping your iPad up-to-date will help to keep the device running smoothly.

  14. Enable Location Services

  15. Choose to set up Siri later in settings

  16. Choose Set Up Later in Settings for ‘Screen Time’

  17. You can choose to share iPad analytics with Apple at your discretion

  18. The next few screens show some features of iOS, select continue to move on

Once the iPad is set up, users enrolling in Device Management navigate to the Safari app and visit Enter the unique enrolment ID provided by the Sine team and follow the prompts. If you did not receive the enrolment ID or have any other questions regarding enrolment in Device Management, please contact our support team [email protected] you are not enrolling your device in Device Management proceed to the App Store and download the Sine Point Pro app after entering a valid Apple ID - Downloading the SinePoint Pro App (iPad)

Video Guide
The video below can be used in conjunction with this guide

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