What hardware do I need?

Sine can be set up with a range of hardware solutions, from iPad check-in kiosks to a mobile only solution.

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In some circumstances, the entire Sine system can be managed through a web dashboard and user-owned mobile devices.

However, in most applications we find organisations will use an iPad check-in kiosk as the core of their solution. The SinePoint Pro app works on a variety of iPad models, including the iPad and iPad Pro. For specific models, read this article.

You can download the SinePoint Pro app from the app store.


The iPad can be mounted using a variety of stands, including wall-mounted, desk stands or floor stands.


We also recommend a label printer so that you can print custom visitor badges for your guests. We have a range of models including options like Bluetooth connectivity for a more stable connection, or colour-printed branded badges.

All-in-one kiosks

The perfect self-service kiosk solution. We have all-in-one kiosks that can hold your iPad, printer and sanitiser in one simple enclosure.

Please visit the Sine Store to see our latest products.

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