How to manage your Displays

Manage your displays from the Sine web dashboard. A 'display' is an iPad running SinePoint Pro.

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Multiple iPad displays can be set up on the same site, or on different sites. Each display can have a printer set up for printing passes, and any of these printers can be the default printer for mobile check-ins.

To manage your displays, select Displays from the side-menu of the web dashboard.

Here you will see all the displays currently connected to your sites. At a glance you can view:

  • iPad name

  • Status—a green dot indicates the iPad is online, while a red dot will show you offline iPads

  • The version of SinePoint Pro that is running on that display

  • Who connected the display

  • When that display was last seen; and

  • If a printer is connected to that display

Managing display settings

To manage a particular display, click the Settings icon.

The Display settings modal will appear. Here, you can manage settings such as the Display Name, Display Settings Code and the Site that the display is assigned to.

The settings here are outlined below:

Display Name

Change the name of the display, so you can easily identify it in the list of displays.

Display Settings Code

This is a 4-digit code use to open the SinePoint Pro Settings on the iPad. Display settings codes are part of the Quick Connect display connection method—you can read more about this, and how to connect a display here.


This shows the site which the display is operating at. If you transfer iPads between sites, it is possible to use this option to change which Site the iPad is set to. Changing this option will immediately refresh the iPad, showing the new Site in place of the old one.

Looking for preferred printer?

When a guest checks into a Site through the mobile app, it is optional for a mobile pass to be printed from a printer. This setting can only be on for one display. Click on Printing Settings to select on which display to use.

Disconnect Display

This disassociates the display from its Site, and logs SinePoint out.

Further help

For further assistance with the Display Management Settings, contact us at [email protected] or by using the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

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