Reporting a bug or an error

This article provides instruction on how to report an error or bug on Sine Pro mobile app, SinePoint Pro app and on the Sine dashboard.

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If you found a bug or an error on the screen. Best to send us the logs and report it to us.

For the Sine Pro mobile app :

  1. Open the Sine Pro mobile app.

  2. Select Profile.

  3. Under App, select Send Diagnostics logs.

For SinePoint Pro app :

  1. On the SinePoint Pro app, select the cog button on the lower right side beside powered by Sine.

  2. Put the code which can be found on the Sine dashboard Display setting.

  3. Select Advanced.

  4. Select Send Debug Logs.

For the Sine dashboard or core :

To report a bug or any error on the system, please email our support team at [email protected] or call us at +63881215956.

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