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How to utilise automatic document expiry in your Workflows
How to utilise automatic document expiry in your Workflows

Set and manage document expiry settings within Sine Workflows, one of the most powerful ways to automate and manage your compliance.

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Document expiry is a powerful feature of Sine Workflows, crucial for businesses looking to ensure compliance is always up to date. When document expiry is activated, respondents must input a valid expiry date for their document upload. Upon expiry of this document, their workflow response becomes invalid and they are required to upload a valid document. 

Document expiry can be activated for each File Upload field within your Workflow Form settings.
1- Browse to workflow>edit>forms

2- Locate an existing, or create a new File Upload field type:

3- Toggle the Require Document Expiry Date option to on:

4- SAVE your workflow configuration for the changes to take effect. 

5 - Contractors will now be asked to enter an expiry date for their document when completing the Workflow:

How it works:

  • The respondent is sent an email reminder when the document is 7 days and 1 day from expiry. This email contains a link directly to the relevant field within their Workflow where they can upload a new, valid document. 

  • Upon submission of the new document(s), the Workflow follows the same approval process as if it was a whole new response. Only the new fields will be immediately shown to the Admin during approval.

  • If auto-approval is on for your Workflow, document uploads will be auto-approved.

  • Respondents do not need to re-complete other fields in their response. This are copied from their previous response.

  • The validity period of the original workflow response still applies.

  • Once a document expires, the Workflow response becomes invalid. The respondent will not be able to check-in to site until they have uploaded a new document. Attempts to check-in will be rejected by the Workflows integration. In order to avoid completing the entire workflow again, respondents should follow the link in their expiry email notification to upload only the expired document(s)

Please contact our team using the chat bubble in the bottom right of this page if you'd like further assistance with this feature.

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