Workflow Response Company & Date Editing

Manage compliance and jobs better with greater control over responses.

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1. Introduction

Company and expiry date editing for your workflow responses gives you more control over these critical aspects of your data. You can now modify these pieces of information for any response and see a history of these changes in the audit log.

2. Feature Overview

This feature allows workflow admins and approvers to edit the company name and expiry date of any response from one of your workflows, including the ability to reactivate previously expired responses or expire a currently active response.

This gives you more control over keeping the validity of a workflow response in sync with business requirements or as relevant for jobs such as Permits. You can also better control who has access and restore access more easily for a previously valid response.

Simple errors in entering a Company name are also easier to fix yourself rather than rejecting a response or keeping inaccurate data.

3. How to Use

Find the Response

To begin using this feature you must first navigate to the details view for a response that you want to modify. This is done by finding the workflow and searching for a response in the list.

Make your changes

Once you have found the response you can use the edit icon next to the company or expiry date to modify these fields.

To edit a company name, click the edit icon next to the existing company name, type in the correct company name, and click the tick icon to confirm.

To edit an expiry date, click the edit icon next to the existing expiry date, select the new expiry date, and click the tick icon to confirm. If changing the expiry date will result in a status change of the response, you will be asked to confirm this change and provide an optional message.

View the audit log

Any changes to the company name or expiry date will be visible to all admin users who can view the response. To see the change history for a response, click the “Audit Logs” button in the top right of the response details modal.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Are responses integrated with Sine Companies supported?

A: At this stage, only responses where the Company name is not from Sine Companies can be edited.

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