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Connecting the Companies and Workflows modules
Connecting the Companies and Workflows modules
Link site access to company status, ensure your Companies and Workflows modules are connected.
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When Companies is activated for your team, you will have the option to manage this link in the Workflows app.

This connection is managed on a per workflow basis, allowing you to have workflows that rely on the Companies list as you have entered it, while others remain unlinked.

To get started, navigate to the Workflows app, then select the workflow you want to link from your list. In the Settings tab, scroll to the Sine Companies section.

Toggle Enable Sine Companies on. Then, you can configure your connection as needed, this includes:

  • Description
    An optional description that will be included in the workflow for respondents, here you can explain how this dropdown and company selection will be used.

  • Allow new company
    When allowed, users can enter a company that is not included in the dropdown

  • Company status affects check-in
    When enabled, only users from a company with an active status will be able to check in, users from an inactive company will be rejected at check-in.

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