Start by clicking on the button "set up forms" after completing your workflows' general settings.

By clicking on the button "+Add Field" you will be presented with a list of question types. Let's select Text Box to start with.

Text box

The question type can be changed at any point in time, complete the field with your question or instruction and select if an answer is required or not.  

The respondent will be presented the question with a text box to type an answer. Example below:

File Upload

This field is utilised when a document or any other file capture is necessary. Specify the document requested in the field and select if uploading is required or not. 

The respondent will be presented with the question or instruction and a field  to upload the file. Example below:

Fixed Text

Use this field to display information in text format. For example, this could be site instructions followed by another field such as signature where the respondent agrees with the content.

Fixed Image

Use this field to show any image to respondents. This could be an evacuation diagram, safety instructions or any other image. To upload, drag an image directly into the field or click to browse files on your device.

The respondents will be presented the image as in the example below:

Multiple choice

Create questions with multiple choice of answers, fill in the field with your question or instruction and select if an answer to this question is required or not. Insert a new answer option by clicking "add option"

Yes or no questions

This field is utilised to create questions where the respondent will select yes or no. Fill in the field with your question and select if this answer is required or not.

PDF upload

Upload important documents that you require visitors to view prior to checking in. This could be a COVID-19 symptoms overview or social distancing rules. You can also add a question to ensure that the document has been read and understood.

Video viewer

Insert key videos for all visitors to view, including site inductions. You can also make the video 'Required' to ensure that all have viewed and understood and ask questions about the video.


Request a signature from the respondents. You can insert a question or instruction to be presented prior the signature field. Fill in the field and select if signature is required or not.

Combine different fields to build your form. For example, a fixed image of an evacuation diagram followed by a yes or no question field "are you aware of our evacuation procedure?".

 Format it according to your business needs and do not forget to save your work once you are finished by clicking on the SAVE button. 

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