Editing Check-in Forms

Customize check-in forms and tailor the experience for each visitor type at your site.

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Check-in forms are a great way to screen guests and collect essential information when someone arrives at your site. In this article, we will take you through everything you need to know to get up and running with check-in forms, including:

Check-in form settings

To get started, navigate to Sites in the side nav, then click Settings for the site you want to edit. Once there, select Check-in forms from the sidebar.

First, you will see the settings for that site's check-in forms, these include the following options:

Form title

This will be shown at the top of the form when a user is checking in.

Enable Form

This setting gives you the option to quickly toggle forms on or off for all visitors to a site. Ensure this is enabled if you want to show your form at check-in.

Pre-fill forms

You can enable pre-fill for your forms, either by question or for the entire form. This can help speed up the check-in process for returning users if there are fields you do not need them to re-enter at every check-in.

Pre-fill can be turned on for all eligible fields in a form or can be enabled on a pre-question basis. To activate across the form ensure that Enable all pre-fill response options is checked.

Pre-fill Form Expiry (optional)

Leave this off if you do not want pre-filled fields to expire, or you can enable this and select how long answers will remain pre-filled using the Pre-fill Form Expiry Duration dropdown.

Note, if you activate Pre-fill Form Expiry, you must set the duration until expiry.

Pre-fill per question

If pre-fill is not enabled for the entire form, you can select the questions you would like to be pre-filled for users by ticking the checkbox on the relevant questions.

For more information on Pre-fill Form Expiry, please see this article.

Adding new fields to check-in forms

Click Add new field for each new field you would like added to your check-in form, then use the Field Type dropdown to select the field type. For each field, you can select the visitor types that field will be shown to.

The field types available are outlined below.

Plain Text

This is a free text field for users to enter their response.

Yes/No answer

Use this for closed questions where the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If Response required is ticked, you will also need to choose a rule for the question. These can be:

  • Visitor must answer "yes";

  • Visitor must answer "no"; or

  • Either answer is valid.

If the correct answer is not selected, the user will be blocked from submitting their check-in form.

Multiple Choice

Use this when you want to offer a range of answers to a question. You can also specify whether an option is allowed or not, which will prevent the check-in from proceeding if an incorrect option is selected.

Multiple choice fields only permit one answer, if you want to allow respondents to select multiple options, you will need to use the Multiple Selection field type as outlined below.

Multiple Selection:

Use this when you want to offer a range of answers to a question and give respondents the ability to select more than one option. You can also specify whether an option is allowed or not, which will prevent the check-in from proceeding if an incorrect option is selected.


This only accepts numbers as an answer. When you want to receive the answer in a numerical format, use this to make sure they give you a numerical answer.

Fixed Text

You provide a note which guests read. No response is given by the guests.

Fixed Image

You provide an image for guests to view. No response is given by the guests.


Guests draw a signature in an entry field. (If Prefill Form is enabled, this signature is saved and used at the next check-in at the Site).

Field settings

Response Required

When enabled on a form question, it becomes a mandatory question that users must answer before being allowed to check in. Simply tick the checkbox on each individual form field to make it a required question.


Fields within a form can be displayed to limited visitor types by selecting the corresponding checkbox.


Make sure to click Save at the bottom of the page once you have finished adding or modifying forms.

Once you save a form, SinePoint Pro for iPad will reload and the new forms will appear when a guest checks in on the iPad or via the Sine Pro mobile app.

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