Visitor Types

Visitor types are types of entrants who check-in and out to your Site.

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Visitor types can be changed in order to better reflect those guests checking in. Each visitor may have their own view settings applied to them in Forms. Each site can have up to 15 unique visitor types.

Editing visitor types

To access Visitor Types settings:

  1. Click on Sites from the side-menu.

    2. Select the Site for which you would like to edit visitor types.

    3. Ensure the General tab on the left has been selected.

    4. Scroll down to the bottom of the General tab. You’ll see the Visitor Types section.

By default, these will be set to

  • Visitor (Green)

  • Contractor (Orange)

  • Staff (Red)

  • Courier (Purple)

  • Student (Blue, off by default)

   5. To edit these visitor types, click on the pencil icon to the right of the ON/OFFtoggle. This will open the ‘Edit Visitor Type‘ page.

   6. Edit the name and colour of the visitor type, then click Save. The visitor type will then be updated everywhere that the visitor type can be selected including on SinePoint Pro, Sine Pro and the web dashboard.

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